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Agility Club of San Diego

How to become a Member

Membership requirements

Before you can become a member of the Agility Club of San Diego, you must:
(A) Have completed an agility training course at any level
(B) Have or will attended a club general meeting and work at one club event

Members must abide by the club’s safety rules at all times.

Member Benefits

Club members can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Pay ‘n’ Plays
  • Reduced rates on training classes
  • Titles plaques (for qualified members – see award plaque requirements)
  • Annual awards dinner

Hope you’ll consider joining us!

Membership dues

Annual dues are $20 for a regular membership, or $5 for a junior membership, payable at the beginning of each calendar year.  Anyone voted into membership in the last quarter of the year does not have to pay dues for the following year.  You can download a new member application (in PDF format) here: New Membership Application

Renew your membership

To renew your membership, please contact Jeanette Daigle at

Members Only

Note: Access to meeting minutes requires a password. If you are a club member and don’t know the password, please contact Jeanette Daigle at

Award Plaque Requirements

The Agility Club of San Diego shall present an award/plaque to the owner or owners of a dog achieving an Agility Title provided the following requirements are fulfilled:
1. The owner must be a member in good standing of ACSD when the title was earned and at the time the award application is submitted.
2. Members in good standing shall have no outstanding debts to the Club and shall have attended at least one Club meeting, served as a member of a trial committee, or held a Club volunteer position.
3. The dog must reside with the Club member.
4. The Club will pay for titles earned in agility or tracking (from any nationally recognized organization). The applicant may request other titles, but will be responsible for the cost to engrave those titles.
5. All requests for a plaque must be made in writing on the ACSD Plaque Award Request Form and submitted to the Club Awards Chair.
6. Applicant must certify that she/he worked at a Club sponsored trial or event, or served the Club in some capacity during the year in which the titles were earned.
7. All plaques will be awarded at the annual Awards Dinner.

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